Beast Jesus SNL: Cecelia Gimenez Played By Kate McKinnon On Weekend Update (VIDEO)

Beast Jesus Creator On SNL?

Well, it's official. The world's most famous botched art restoration, lovingly referred to by its biggest fans as Beast Jesus, has successfully infiltrated the realm of mainstream popular culture in a new skit on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update this past weekend.

Cecelia Gimenez, the Spanish do-gooder once shamed for her efforts and now lauded internationally for her memeable art, made a guest appearance on the popular New York-based show. Of course, it wasn't actually the Ecce Homo transformer herself, it was last year's cast addition, Kate McKinnon, doing a hilarious rendition of the befuddled octogenarian.

McKinnon's Gimenez describes her work to Weekend Update Host Seth Meyers: "Jesus, he look at me with his enormous, round monkey face."

She continued, "He had beautiful hair that became a scarf. It was a scarf made of hair that wrapped around his little, brown, expressionless face. And then he look at me with his dead black eyes...I say Jesus, why you look like a shark?"

That's possibly the most accurate description of Beast Jesus we have ever heard. What do you think, readers?

For the backstory on our furry, Christ-like friend, check out our coverage here, here, here and here. And scroll through the slideshow below to see some of the funniest reactions fans had when they first laid eyes on the glorious beast.

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