This Is How To Beat The Battle Of The Bulge In Midlife

While your country's Olympians are going for gold in Rio, you should also be aiming for gold when it comes to achieving your weight loss goal.

While you are watching the Olympics on the big screens, now is the perfect time to hit the starting blocks and get your body in tip-top shape.

The Warm Up
No pain, no gain is certainly the case when it comes to working out a new plan, but be warned, it may leave you in a world of hurt if you are not properly prepared.

Preparing your pantry is like a warm-up routine, you must do it before you try for success.

Be sure to work out your meals ahead of time, including making sure to have all the ingredients you need. Aim to write down exactly what you will be needing at least three days of meals ahead. Be sure to commit to a workable starting position. You do not want to be starting a new program three days ahead of a weekend getaway!

Get a Coach
All Olympians have a coach and it's usually someone they have carefully selected whom they trust. The same applies to you keeping on track with your weight loss goals. The right mentor can help with accountability in getting yourself in the right frame of mind to achieve your goal and it doesn't always mean having to spend a lot of money. Be sure to find someone who understands your frustrations and has knowledge on weight loss when you choose your weightloss coach.

The Starting Blocks
Get all the basics organized means more than simple starting weight and measurements such as waist and hips. I recommend my clients to write down simple facts such as sleep patterns, energy levels, ability to climb a flight of stairs (think breathless or not), any aches or pains and frequency of headaches.

Losing weight comes with a host of other benefits that you may not realize. Sarah, for example, was surprised when she lost 5kg (11 pounds) she also found her quality of sleep improved and that she was not as short-tempered as she was before she started the program.

The Training Regime
Now that you have laid the foundations for achieving success, start by focusing on your bad habits and what may trip you up in your weight loss success. By being wary of any hindrances in your success allows you to combat them ahead of time.

This includes keeping away from toxic friends that may sabotage your efforts, hiding away or removing from easy reach any sweets/nibbles in the house that tempt you or minimize the frequency you go out for drinks with friends. Your good efforts can go astray when being put to the test if you have too many obstacles in your path.

Winning Gold
Once you start seeing the results, whether it be weight loss on the scales or feeling more at ease in the clothes you are wearing, your hard work will start to pay off.

The hard work starts now so don't declare weight loss victory until you know you are well and truly off the starting blocks and training regime in place. Once you have these steps in place you are on the road to victory.

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