Beat The System Releases New Single “Be Your Own” feat DJ Riddler

From halfway across the globe, this Malaysian/American pop rock band is beating the odds of the music scene. Despite having achieved many successes in Malaysia, the band has always aspired to break into mainstream American music. After their move to NYC in 2014, they went on a journey to change their voice, which led them to finding lead vocalist May Leigh. Now, Malaysian brothers Gerald and Stewart as well as Ohio-born May Leigh form Beat The System.

“In many ways, we are truly living up to our band’s name. Against the advice of many, we dared to dream big and set enormous goals for ourselves. We stumbled, grieved, and experienced significant losses while journeying to the States, and yet, here we are. Many back home thought that we would never survive more than a year in New York City, and yet, here we are. A few record executives whom we came to know claimed that if we’re not controversial or provocative or dressed in a certain way, we’d never take off, and yet, the numbers have proved them wrong. We admit, we dream big dreams and we set huge goals because we don’t believe in the impossible. As long we can dream it, we can will it to fruition,” said Beat The System.

Gearing up for the release of their new album, Beat The System has recently teamed up with DJ Riddler for a remix of their lead single “Be Your Own”. With such a powerful message, “Be Your Own” is just a taste of what’s expected to come from their debut album Journey. No song will sound the same, but they will all have a personal yet relatable meaning.


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