Are The Beatles & Jay Z Really The Biggest Artists In Music History?

There are few artists who exist on the same plane as the Beatles, but when it comes to determining the most productive, best-selling musicians, Jay Z is right up there with the boys from Liverpool.

Concert Hotels gathered the Billboard chart history of every artist who has achieved at least five No. 1 studio albums, producing an interactive infographic. When sorted by greatest number of No. 1 albums, the Beatles take the top spot with 14. Jay Z comes in a close second with 12 albums (not counting his "Watch the Throne" album with Kanye West), followed by Barbara Streisand, The Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen with nine albums. However, when you switch to "hit rate," or greatest number of No. 1 albums out of the number of albums they have released, Beyonce takes the top spot, going six for six. Kanye West comes in second with six out of seven, Jay Z falls down to the fourth spot, and the Beatles to the ninth spot.

So what matters more: the greater quantity or consistency?



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