Woman Wants To Celebrate 100th Birthday By ... Pole Dancing?

The woman's daughter: "We didn't even know you knew about pole dancing, Mom,"

Turning 100 is just a bump and grind in the road for Beatrice Ingerling.

When Ingerling celebrates her 100th birthday this Saturday, she plans to show her appreciation to her guests by pole dancing.

She's even had a pole installed in her home in Chesterfield, Virginia, just so she can do a few spins for family and friends at the party, according to NBC 12.

Ingerling is healthy enough for physical activity. She's not even on medication, unless you count the daily glass of wine.

Still, her choice of birthday activity did shock her daughter, Carol Lensch.

"Some asked her what she wanted to do for her 100th birthday, and she said 'a pole dance.' And she no sooner said, 'I don't know why I said that.' And the rest of us said we don't know why you said that either, we didn't even know you knew about pole dancing, Mom," Lensch told the station.

However, it is Ingerling's birthday and she is in great health so there is nothing stopping her.

Beatrice Ingerling plans to celebrate her 100th birthday on Saturday by pole dancing
Beatrice Ingerling plans to celebrate her 100th birthday on Saturday by pole dancing

"We have worked it out that we are going to set up a pole for her. And she is going to do a pole dance," Lensch told the station. "Very tasteful dressed. Not in the leopard print leotard that she once suggested, but she will stand up by the pole because that was her dream."

Since this is Ingerling's first go-around on the stripper pole, some pole dancing instructors have some advice.

Atlanta-based dancer Lux Atl suggests it might be worth taking a couple of lessons before the big show.

"There are pole dance studios all over the place, and teachers will come to you!" Atl told HuffPost. "Any responsible instructor would respect the realistic limitations of a 100-year-old woman, but would also teach her some moves that could give her a real thrill."

Atl says simple body waves, hip swivels, and even simple spins are totally doable, even for a woman approaching the big 1-0-0.

"I'd stretch for a good 15-20 minutes from now until then with gentle restorative yoga as well as give my shoulders and arms a waking up with some simple exercises," Atl said. "She will be fine. This is about feeling fun and sexy and alive!"

Anjel Dust, a pole dancer who has worked with Nicki Minaj, says if she were teaching Ingerling, she would focus on poses around the pole and gentle spins.

It's also better to pick mellower music than traditional pole dancing classics like "Rag Doll" by Aerosmith.

"You don't want her whipping her hair around," Dust said. "Also, she should do it barefoot, unless she's used to walking around in six-inch heels."

Both Atl and Dust wish Ingerling the best of luck, but Atl does have a request for the family.

"Frankly, I think she should go for the leopard print outfit," she said.

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