Stunning Airport Terminals To Inspire Your Summer Travels

The next time you’re at an airport, scrambling to catch a red-eye or stretching your legs after a sleepless seven hours in a cramped coach seat, forget your travel stresses for a moment and look around you. Airports are rarely celebrated for their beauty, but you might be surprised by how much aesthetic appeal you miss during a hunt for your boarding pass in your carry-on.


We challenged photographers around the world to send us photos of airports that open our eyes to the underappreciated charm of terminals and runways. The photos they sent us captured the subtle elegance of modern airport architecture, the thrill of the moment before a plane takes off, and the saturated blues of the sky it’s taking off into. Even those who most hate air travel might find themselves itching to book a flight after seeing these wanderlust-sparking images.

See our favorite airport photos below and check out the EyEm Blog for more.



Unique Airports In The World