Beautiful Animal Kingdom Series Pairs Unlikely Animals in Symbiotic Illustrations

If there's one word to gauge a good natured working relationship, it's symbiosis. From understanding the needs of both parties and acting when we observe them, to giving back in unexpected and surprising ways, it's all a beautiful dance we must follow each day. In that spirit, visual agency Column Five gives a gift to their partners and publishers every holiday season. This year they've created a stunning series of fine art limited-edition letterpress prints and a gift set inspired by one of the Five Columns of their mission statement: "Be Good to Each Other." The result is 3 nature inspired images to ponder and enlighten.

In an effort to express the complex dynamics of push and pull; collaboration and conflict; and inevitable compromise in any relationship, Column Five chose the yin-yang motif as a visual metaphor. Then, they used 3 animal pairs as the opposing/collaborating sides in a journey through the evolution of relationships, from enemy, to ally, to symbiotic partner. Expressing each of these unique relationships are:

Red Fox & Gray Fox
Lioness & Baby Antelope
Wolf & Raven

Three of the media company's favorite fine artists were chosen to illustrate each pair: David D'Andrea, Erica Williams, and Tim McDonagh.

Red Fox & Gray Fox, illustrated by David D'Andrea, is the first in the series and explores two animals unnaturally at odds with each other. Due to deforestation, territory reduction and an increasing scarcity of food, these two animals are increasingly in competition with one another. It's a thought provoking observation on the possibilities of working together.

Lioness & Baby Antelope, the second in the series illustrated by Erica Williams, looks at the unusual relationship observed between these two seeming foes in Kenya's Samburu National Reserve. Here a lioness has adopted newborn antelopes as her own and has even shown signs of grief upon their death. The lesson: "our nature and interactions are what we make of them."

The final illustration, Wolf & Raven illustrated by Tim McDonagh, explores at a true symbiotic relationship. In both folklore and nature, these two have been known to follow each other in search of food, and have often been witnessed sharing a meal - a clear lesson in working together to best serve everyone's needs.

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