24 Beautiful Breastfeeding Photos That Are So Full Of Emotion

These images perfectly capture moms in the moment.

Breastfeeding is one of many wonderful bonding experiences that can be shared between a mother and her child. A new photo collection is celebrating those special moments.

A tender moment between mom and baby.
A tender moment between mom and baby.

The Facebook photography community Looks Like Film recently compiled its members’ most-liked breastfeeding images of the last year into an album that’s full of love, tenderness and emotion.

“All of the images that we feature have a certain aesthetic that feels natural and real and in a way also emotive and personal,” Lukas Piatek, who started the Looks Like Film community four years ago, told HuffPost. “We are super happy about the images and the amount of talented photographers that want to show the world how beautiful and natural breastfeeding is, even though it’s controversial for some people.”

It shouldn’t matter how a woman chooses to nourish her child — be it breastfeeding, formula or a combination of the two. And yet people pass judgment on moms ― for this and so many other things ― no matter which option they choose.

Photographer Yakaly Di Roma, for one, has “received many negative and hurtful comments” after sharing photos online that show her breastfeeding her sons.

“While it can be upsetting sometimes, I try not to let it get to me,” she writes in the online album. “I know I am doing the best for my boys, and I will continue to do so in spite of all the negativity.”

Below are 24 strikingly beautiful photos of women breastfeeding their children. To see the full collection, head over to Looks Like Film. (Note: Some of these images may be considered NSFW.)

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