The World's 10 Most Beautiful Buildings

The World's 10 Most Beautiful Buildings
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Palau de la Música Catalana; Barcelona, Spain, Photo credit: kkmarais via Flickr

Does the sight of a really incredibly façade make you weak in the knees? Does a breathtaking interior make your heart flutter? Do you stay up at night thinking about architectural details? If so, you have to check out this list of "The World's 10 Most Beautiful Buildings" as decided by the members of travel website The range of choices is as vast as it is fascinating, and as you'll see, Spain holds a special place in the hearts of the site's membership.

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1. Casa Mila (La Pedrera); Barcelona, Spain - "I am a big fan of the genius Antonio Gaudi and all his masterpieces. The fashionable stone building La Pedrera or Casa Mila is one of my favorite because of its undulating, living forms façade. The attic and the roof are a beauty and the series of catenary arches amaze me every time I watch the pictures taken. This is not an ordinary, or common building, nothing looks like assembled or built, instead it looks like Gaudi plopped it as a huge mountain of slippery clay then dug his thumbs and fingers into it to make windows, doors, balconies, everything!!" From Trippy member Rocio Acevedo of Costa Rica

Photo credit: Wenjie Zhang A Certain Slant of Light via Flickr

2. Palau de la Música Catalana; Barcelona, Spain - "Tough question! ...the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona..." From Trippy member Laura Weber

Photo credit: Maria Rosa Ferre via Flickr

3. The Pantheon; Rome, Italy - "Great question that got me thinking...I can't decide between my two favourites: The Pantheon in Rome - because it's one of the oldest structures of Ancient Rome and is a feat of great building and design and anytime I visit I really feel part of history. I also love the Sydney Opera House because of its elegance, beauty and location." From Trippy member Maria O'Dwyer of Dublin, Ireland

Photo credit: Jun via Flickr

4. Cologne Cathedral; Cologne, Germany - "I'd say definitely the Cologne Cathedral. You walk out of the train station there it is larger than any building I've ever seen and the detail is just amazing." From Trippy member Todd Karberg of Phoenix

Photo credit: Ulrich Peters via Flickr

5. Canadian Museum of History; Gatineau, Canada - "The Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa, Canada designed by Douglas Cardinal." From Trippy member Sherry Galey of Mississippi Mills, Canada

Photo credit: Rick Ligthelm via Flickr

6. Sydney Opera House; Sydney, Australia - "Such a gorgeous building inside and out. The fact that it's right on the harbor only adds to its beauty." From Trippy member Jenn M of Boston, Massachusetts

Photo credit: Nicki Mannix via Flickr

7. Strater Hotel; Durango, Colorado - "The Strater Hotel in Durango is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It looks a bit like a wedding cake." From Trippy member Heidi Kerr-Schlaefer of Colorado


8. Bayon Temple; Angkor, Cambodia - "Another kind of building (because it's really old and I'm not sure it qualifies as a building) is the temple The Bayon in Cambodia. It looks like it's from another planet!" From Trippy member Flo & Leslie of Cologne, Germany

Photo credit: Robert Nyman via Flickr

9. Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias; Valencia, Spain - "Taj Mahal mesmerized me and so did Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias" From Trippy member linda matama of Nairobi, Kenya

Photo credit: Antonio Tajuelo via Flickr

10. 29 Avenue Rapp; Paris, France - "I've seen it a million times and can never believe it's even a real building! Those gorgeous Art Nouveau lines and that incredible tile work just amaze me!" From Trippy member Courtney Robinson of Los Angeles, California


Is there a beautiful building we missed? Do you disagree with our choices?
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