Beautiful Mother's Day Ad Honors The Sacrifices Single Moms Make

"If I want to cry, I cry at night.”

Parenting is an immense challenge, but doing it on your own adds an extra layer of difficulty.

In honor of Mother’s Day, UNICEF made a sweet video spotlighting Kristilee Augustine, a single mom in Belize who is raising her 4-year-old daughter Zoe alone. In the video, she talks about the struggles and blessings of her motherhood experience.

“The hardest thing is doing it on by myself,” Kristilee says. “But I never let Zoe see me break. If I want to cry, I cry at night.”

Still, she notes, “I wouldn’t change being a mom for anything.”

The video is part of UNICEF’s “Early Moments Matter” campaign, which emphasizes how children’s environments and experiences in their first years can affect their wellbeing as adults.

This Is Single Parenting