'Beautiful Oops': How To Transform Mistakes Into A Finished Book (PHOTOS)

What inspired "Beautiful Oops" was two images in my school presentations. One shows a sketchbook where I spilled coffee and turned it into monsters, the second is a painting from a book of mine called the Flying Garbanzos. A dog got locked in my studio and stepped on the piece. I cried when I saw it, thinking the picture was ruined, not to mention how bad I felt imagining the dog's afternoon! I turned the paw prints in to clouds and added a few more for composition's sake. Teachers have been asking for years if I could make a book showing people how to fix mistakes. I didn't want to use the word mistakes and my wife thought OOPS was more appropriate. (Less of a sting!) I tore a piece of paper and realized I could turn it into the mouth of an alligator. When I saw that, I decided I could have fun in my studio, playing with smears, smudges, drips, holes and whatever else I could think of. "Beautiful Oops" was born!

beautiful oops