Here's Just How Much It Pays To Be Conventionally Attractive

Here's Just How Much It Pays To Be Conventionally Attractive

We've come to expect impossible, even improbable standards of beauty to populate our magazines and our television shows. It's another thing entirely to find they've invaded our workplace.

But as a new video from Vox reveals, there are real, measurable economic benefits to being considered "conventionally attractive," and we're all affected.

Heavier women earn less. Taller people earn more. With how much symmetrical faces are rewarded among professional quarterbacks, one would think it directly affects how far they can throw the ball.

Overall, beautiful people are seen as more competent, kind and trustworthy, according to the video. Unless it's an attractive woman -- then, she might have a distinct disadvantage if applying for a "masculine" type job.

Over time, these taxes on our supposed imperfections add up, with a lifetime pay gap of $230,000 separating the "attractive" and "unattractive."

The effects are so pronounced, we're starting to wonder the going rate for each aesthetic advantage. An extra 10 cents an hour for skillfully plucked eyebrows, 15 percent pay cut for few extra pounds?

As Vox aptly notes -- is it any wonder the beauty industry has ballooned into a $160 billion business? "We're just responding to our economic incentives," the video says.

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