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Beautiful Scenes From a Five Dollar Disposable Camera (PHOTOS)

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In October I had the chance to go to Denver briefly and took the opportunity to make a quick trip up to Estes Park to visit Rocky Mountain National Park. I love the outdoors and animals, so aside from the fact that it would mean beautiful photos, I was excited just to soak up the beauty. It was a 4-day trip and I planned on visiting the park Saturday before I flew out early Sunday. Saturday started out wonderfully until I had to load a new roll of film before heading out to the park. I became flustered when my camera wouldn't catch and load the roll. It was an automatic camera so there was no option for me to manually load it, so I spent a frenzied hour and a half trying to fix it before I gave up. I had taken at least 10 rolls on the trip and suddenly on the day that was the highlight of my trip, and the hour I was heading to the park, my camera broke. It seemed ironic that it had worked perfectly until I actually needed it. I rushed to the local grocery store, bought four $5 disposable cameras and hoped for the best. Many photos were underexposed and only a few produced colors similar to what I actually saw. Nevertheless I enjoyed my visit and while I didn't have my good camera, I felt thankful to get at least an average-quality photo capturing an unexpected scene that moved me.

Rocky Mountain National Park on a disposable camera

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