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12 Secluded Homes That'll Make Living In The Middle Of Nowhere Look Beautiful

Between the glamorous offerings of big cities and the neighborly comfort of suburbia, homes "in the middle of nowhere" are rarely even a second thought. Yet, every now and then we stumble across a homeowner who's decided to make a life for themselves in, say, a pre-fabricated studio along the banks of a river in rural Australia.

And after a little digging of our own, it's clear that they aren't the only ones. The breathtaking escapes we discovered here can be found all over the world. And they're about as secluded as it gets (or so it seems).

House in Iceland

Home in Ontario

Cabin in Italy

Cottage in Quebec

Retreat in Ireland

Hideaway in Norway

House in Colorado

Home in Greece

Cabin in Wyoming

Cottage in Scotland

Retreat in France

new zealand
Ranch in New Zealand

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