Beautiful/Decay's Studio Visit With Medusawolf

By day Alan E. Brown is a mild mannered bookstore employee in Bear, Delaware. At night he transforms himself into Medusawolf and paints quaint little portraits of demons, beasts, and robots – each radiating their own agonizing, pulsating energies. These intensely hued dimensions merge bits of insanity, beauty, and humor and crunch it all down into a fun but very warped output. I got a chance to catch up with Medusawolf to find out what he is up to…
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Beautiful Decay's Studio Visit With Medusawolf

The creatures in your work seem like they’ve pushed through a tear in a dimension and have existed for eons. How did this fascination with monsters begin?

MW: I began painting the creatures sometime around early spring of 2010. I think what planted the seed they grew from was reading the book “Grendel” by John Gardner several years ago. Each chapter was headed up by a great illustration of the monster by artist Emil Antonucci. The book and the illustrations really coiled themselves around my mind. After a few devastating life changes in the early 2000′s the character’s frustration and heartbreak really spoke to me. I’ve been working off and on on a comic book for the last few years, just for the pleasure of it, and I needed an antagonist for these little creatures on their adventure through a strange alien world. I came up with a character who initially is inspired by the creature that I saw in my mind as I read that novel years before. Since then, the character sort of has grown to become an extension of myself somehow and I guess – in a way – the paintings come from having a lot to “say” with paint and paper because I feel so close the monster.