Thanks To Luke Evans, Your Problematic Crush Gaston Is Finally Real

A new scene from the live-action "Beauty and the Beast" looks just like the original.

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If you were worried that the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast” film wouldn’t stay true to the 1991 original, allow this video to ease your mind.

A “Beauty and the Beast” teaser clip hit YouTube yesterday, showing nearly a minute of the song “Gaston.”

Sure, you hate Gaston. But mostly you hate how much you don’t hate Gaston — and thanks to Luke Evans’ portrayal, he’s looking even finer than before. Plus, Josh Gad is perfectly obsequious as LeFou, showering his much-stronger buddy with praise.

The resemblance between the live-action scene and the animated version is uncanny.

Watch the full clip below.

It’s unclear whether every last inch of Luke Evans’ Gaston is covered in hair. Other than that one tiny detail, the live-action and the animated version are pretty darn similar. We can’t wait to see these 2D characters brought to life!

“Beauty and the Beast” hits theaters March 17.

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