'Beauty And The Beast' Finally Gets The Honest Trailer It Deserves

If we're being truthful, there are some pretty alarming plot points.

As much as we love “Beauty and The Beast,” the plot is kind of messed up: Girl meets beast, beast imprisons girl in his castle, girl conveniently falls in love with beast ― if that’s not textbook Stockholm syndrome, what is?

The snarky folks over at Honest Trailers are equally confused by some of the classic Disney movie’s plot points.

“Meet Belle, daughter of the local killing-machine inventor,” the narrator says in the clip above. “Belle longs for adventure and she’ll get just that when she’s kidnapped by the Beast, a prince that’s so bad at his job, he’s been missing for 10 years and no one seems to notice.”

A bit alarming, for sure. Watch the new and far more honest trailer above.

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