See 'Beauty And The Beast's' Animated And Live-Action Films Side By Side

Disney used their magic touch to keep to live-action true to the original.

Fans of the 1991 animated movie “Beauty and the Beast,” rejoice.

A new video produced by Movie Pilot shows Disney’s original film together with the upcoming live-action version starring Emma Watson as Belle.

If the video above is any indication, Disney used their magic touch to keep the live-action remake as close as possible to the first movie based on the classic French fairytale.

The results are enchanting.

It’s almost as if Belle, the Beast and Mrs. Teapot from 1991 stepped out of our childhood TV sets and came to life ― that is, aside from Belle’s new British accent.

We’ll have to wait until March to see if the entire remake and its storyline stay true to the original.

For now, watch the video above to see the live-action version side by side with the 1991 animated film.



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