No One LOLs Like Gaston Watching 'Beauty And The Beast' Without CGI

You can't unsee this.

Every once in a while something comes along that makes you say what the Belle?

That happened recently when footage of Dan Stevens behind the scenes of “Beauty and the Beast” got out. Get ready. This can’t be unseen:

#BTS 💛

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We told you.

For Stevens to become the Beast, he had to wear a 40-pound muscle suit and do motion capture. In an interview with People, the actor talked about the difficulties of the suit, which included waltzing on stilts and having trouble fitting into the bathroom stall. 

He neglected to say he looked like a mix of gray mashed potatoes and the Michelin Man. 

According to Stevens, difficulties for his co-star Emma Watson included worrying that he’d step on her feet in steel stilts. It was also probably difficult not to laugh in his face.

 Despite that, somehow the movie took this ...

And made it this ... 

Say, “Bonjour,” to all the awards, “Beauty and the Beast.” 



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