Beauty and the Feast: When Print Meets Digital

When an interest becomes a passion, you want to know more about it, seek out new information, share your knowledge and passion with others and find a community that's enthusiastic about the same thing. Magazines, catalogs and artist portfolios are just a few ways to find and share your interests. The Internet is another - a search can reveal basic information about practically any topic and online hubs of fellow enthusiasts.

A magazine, catalog or portfolio is tangible - an object you can hold in your hands and flip through so you can explore your interests in vivid color, with stunning photos and insightful articles all captured in an eye-catching layout. But you can't share it with friends who aren't in the room or use it as a springboard to instantly discover related content. Conversely, an online search is dynamic, but it often lacks the aesthetic quality of print, and you certainly can't page through a collection of links in the same way you can a printed publication.

What if there were a way to combine the best of both experiences, a marriage of print and digital that produced a feast of information in a beautiful, glossy format that you could access on any device? What if you could instantly share this digital publication and discover related content on any topic, whether it's cooking, wine, knitting, gluten-free living, sushi, fashion or anything else? What if you could access all these publications - or even create your own - for free?

Issuu, the world's fastest growing digital publishing platform with more than 60 million unique visitors per month and 11.5 million publications, launched an update on May 29, 2013 that is revolutionizing the way we experience print content in the same way YouTube and Spotify changed how we access videos and music, both as consumers and as artists and publishers.

For readers, Issuu is a way to immerse themselves in stacks of content curated by those who share their interests and discover up-and-coming publications before the rest of the world. For professional and casual publishers along with artists, Issuu provides an opportunity to find inspiration and stoke the creative fire while connecting with an expansive global audience.

Issuu has tens of millions of readers from around the globe, all seeking information on topics ranging from architecture to zoology. The platform delivers beautiful layouts and high resolution photos readers can page through on their iPhone, iPad, laptop or any other connected device.

Since basic publishing is free, there are no more barriers to self-expression: Aspiring artists, chefs, crafters, decorators, fashionistas, sports experts, issues advocates and political commentators are free to go out and find their audience.

They'll find themselves in good company: In addition to hosting millions of niche publications on virtually every topic, Issuu hosts many major magazines, including edgy publications like VICE and Huck, Anthology Magazine for home design, the Armani and Swell collection catalogs and the work of well-known architects, photographers and artists like Tom Sachs.

So what are you waiting for? Go immerse yourself in the publication that speaks to your interests. Or create it.