Here's How To Make Your Own Beautyblender Dupe

Best. Hack. Ever.

Beautyblender is one of the most coveted makeup sponges, but it's also not very cheap. It'll cost you $20 for the original neon pink egg-shaped applicator. Yet, beauty mavens still rush to Sephora just to get their hands on this tool that creates an airbrushed makeup look. Luckily, we've found this DIY video tutorial on how to make an affordable Beautyblender dupe.

All you'll need is an unused foam travel neck pillow and scissors. Remove the fabric case from the pillow and cut the stuffing into your desired Beautyblender shape. Then, it's ready to apply your foundation or concealer. You can take this DIY project a few steps further and use Rit Dye to color your sponge makeup applicator pink, purple or whichever hue you desire.

Cool, right? Watch the video below for the full tutorial, and get more mind-blowing beauty hacks.

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