8 Brands That Can Turn Your Beauty Routine Into Activism

Take a note from Olivia Wilde.
Stick it to the man.
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Stick it to the man.

Actress Olivia Wilde dished about all her favorite products in a New York Times profile last week. We loved getting to know her beauty secrets, but it was what Wilde said about her skin care routine after the profile was published that really got our attention.

“[It] feels so good to spread the word about natural, cruelty-free, effective skin care,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the article. “Standing up for our health, and the environment, and the animals typically used to test, is a political act.”

She’s not wrong. At a time when facts about climate change are discounted by the president of the United States, it definitely feels political to support companies doing their part to protect the environment. It also makes a statement to buy products from companies that happen to be owned or run by women or people of color, especially as conversations surrounding women’s rights, racism and workplace harassment continue.

Sure, choices about your beauty routine may seem trivial, but every bit counts. You can support causes you believe in, even when it comes to your makeup and skin care choices.

And just to be clear, we’re not saying you don’t need to ditch everything that’s already in your makeup bag for all-natural, eco-friendly products ― sometimes you just need your favorite drugstore mascara ― but if you’re open to trying new things, check out some brands below.

Tarte Beauty
Tarte Beauty
Tarte's "eco-chic" makeup is cruelty-free and made with naturally derived ingredients. The brand, founded by Maureen Kelly, also aims to make sustainability a focus of its business model. According to Tarte's website, the company ensures its ingredients are sustainably harvested and supports the communities where its ingredients are sourced.

Shop Tarte here.
Maya Chia
Maya Chia
Maya Chia was founded by Susanne Norwitz with the goal of creating high-quality skin care that gives back. The products are made in the U.S. using natural, organic ingredients from conscious growers all over the world. Beyond that, Maya Chia donates a portion of its net profits to charities that help build schools and farms for the Maya people of Central and South America.

Shop Maya Chia here.
Kjaer Weis
Kjaer Weis
Kjaer Weis, founded by Danish-born makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis, considers sustainability a huge pillar of its brand philosophy. Thanks to the brand's refill system, you don't need to waste money on packaging you'd otherwise throw out. Kjaer Weis also uses ingredients that are Certified Natural or Certified Organic.

Shop Kjaer Weis here.
True Botanicals
True Botanicals
True Botanicals' entire line of products is Made Safe certified, which means there are no ingredients known or suspected to harm humans. The brand, founded by Hillary Peterson, is on a mission to create skincare products that work but don't harm our health or the environment. True Botanicals products are also cruelty-free and non-GMO.

Shop True Botanicals here.
Plain Jane Beauty
Plain Jane Beauty
Plain Jane Beauty offers a huge selection of natural and organic cosmetics, including a foundation available in 17 different shades. Talk about inclusivity. Aside from that, the brand prides itself on its sustainable practices. For instance, PJB says it uses fair-trade coffee, cocoa butter and shea butter as well as certified organic ingredients when possible. The company also reuses its shipping materials, prints on recycled paper and uses vegetable-based inks.

Shop Plain Jane Beauty here.
Prestidge Beaute
Prestidge Beautee
Prestidge Beaute is the brainchild of makeup artist Shawnelle Prestidge, who uses organic ingredients sourced from conscious growers all over the world and makes products in small batches at her home in Brooklyn, New York.

Shop Prestidge Beaute here.
Cosmos products are created with 100 percent plant-based ingredients, which the company says are completely safe for your body and the planet. The brand also uses reusable, compostable and recyclable containers to cut down on waste, and it doesn't test its products on animals.

Shop Cosmos here.
Tata Harper
Tata Harper
Tata Harper's products are handmade in Vermont but contain ingredients sourced from all over the globe; they're natural and nontoxic. Additionally, the majority of the brand's packaging is made of reusable glass, and its plastic is derived from corn instead of petroleum. In terms of packaging, Tata Harper also says it uses 100 percent post-consumer materials and soy-based ink.

Shop Tata Harper here.
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