The Biggest Names In Beauty Share The Best Holiday Gifts They've Ever Received

We’ve already started crossing off names on our holiday gift shopping list. But there are still a few family members and friends who have left us stumped when it comes to finding the perfect present. We certainly don’t want to be that person whose efforts turn into an Internet meme.

Thankfully, HuffPost Style has influential friends in the fashion, beauty and entertainment industries who came to our rescue with much-needed inspiration. In the first installment of our Best Holiday Gifts series, hair, makeup and skincare icons Bobbi Brown, Ted Gibson, Tata Harper, Deborah Lippmann and more share the most cherished gifts they've received.

anastasia soare

To be honest...the best is a bottle of champagne and a candle. My favorite champagne is Don Perignon and my favorite candle is Le Labo and Diptyque.

bobbi brown

My husband sent me pearl earrings (my first pair of Ted Muehlings) and a video (VHS) of my two and four-year-old boys telling me how proud they were of me and how much they missed me during my first book tour.

deborah lippmann

One particular Christmas, my husband Jude, who is the president of Deborah Lippmann, and I decided that we couldn't afford a Christmas tree for our home. Instead, we wanted to put all we had into the brand. A near and dear friend, who does not celebrate the holiday and is known to act like "Mr. Tough Guy," heard that we were forgoing a tree and showed up unexpectedly at our apartment. When we opened the door, he was standing there with the most beautiful Christmas tree. To this day, it was one of the sweetest gifts I have ever received and reminds me of what the season is all about.

katia beauchamp

My grandmother was the queen of beauty in our family. All of the ladies in the family (she had three daughters) received hand selected beauty products in their stocking. It was usually Clinique, and I remember the first year that I was included in the beauty buys -- I was 15 and I distinctly remember the glossy mascara and "cupcake" blush. My grandma had a great eye.

hayley barna

I think the best gifts are things you'd never get for yourself. One of the best holiday gifts I've received was a handmade Norwegian traditional wool sweater from my husband's grandmother who lives in Norway. She knit it just for me and I know it took her a few weeks to finish. It's perfectly imperfect, filled with cultural meaning and my favorite part is the tag she sewed in that says "Made with Love by Erna.

dineh mohajer

I once received an Hermes cashmere blanket from my best friend's mother, which helps reinforce any delusions of grandeur and keeps me super cozy, especially during the holiday season.

jenna menard

Hands down the best gift I've ever received was my Golden Retriever puppy. For as long as I can remember, a puppy was always at the top of my wish list and finally when I turned 15, my mom decided to give in. Oddly enough, my mom recently found a bunch of my old Christmas lists and 'puppy' was at the top, starred and circled a million times! And, believe it or not, my mom used to give me and my two sisters Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover in our stockings -- well before I was even working with the brand. It's been an annual gift since I first started wearing makeup and she still does it to this day.

joel warren

I once got round-trip, first-class tickets to Buenos Aires for Christmas. It was the best thing I've ever gotten because it came to me at the perfect time. I was at a time in my life when I really needed to get away, and it helped me get over a personal matter that I was dealing with. The trip was a trip of a lifetime and it set me free.

joanna vargas

The year my daughter was born, I got a tiny ruby ring and matching eternity band in honor of my daughter, Ruby.

mally roncal

Our twins were supposed to be born in January, but they came early in December instead. That was the best Christmas present ever!

mathilde thomas

I have to say the best holiday gift I ever received was a 23andMe DNA Kit. It was so interesting! Very informative and very smart. I actually gave it to my mum as a gift that year, too.

michelle phan

The best holiday gift I ever received was the star projector that my boyfriend got me. It's the most realistic one I've seen. You can see nebula and shooting stars. In LA, I don't get to really see the stars, and when I think I do it's an airplane! So I love falling asleep to it and is the best gift ever!

sonia kashuk

My favorite gift I've ever received, which has now become my favorite gift to give, is a bronzed wishbone by the artist Chuck Price.

sam fine

A fan donated to one of my favorite charities on my behalf, God's Love We Deliver; Giving back is the best give ever!

ted gibson

I've received two sets of gifts in my lifetime that I'd like to share: The first was from a dear celebrity client of mine years ago. For Christmas, she gave me a Tom Ford travel case and passport holder. It really meant a lot to me. My husband Jason also surprised me one holiday with a trip to the Caribbean. Once we arrived, I opened our hotel room door to find that he had the room decorated with a small Christmas tree and holiday decor. It was so sweet and I'll never forget it.

tata harper

The best holiday present I ever received was a trip for my husband and I to go to El Pantanal, Brazil. It's a huge ecological reserve in the middle of the continent where we went on safari in the wetland and saw amazing animals -- we came face to face with a jaguar! It was an amazing experience, gifted from our friend, Israel. It was a belated wedding gift, but it was perfect to receive for Christmas and to head on the journey in the new year.

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