Try These Beauty Products To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Let's get it oooonnnn

Ever wanted to turn it up a notch in the bedroom without stepping foot in a sex shop? We have good news. New beauty brand Luz de la Riva has created a line of intimate cosmetics to help women get it going with a twist on products you already keep in the bathroom or vanity anyway.

What are "intimate cosmetics," you ask? A term coined by Luz de la Riva, intimate cosmetics refers to a new approach to beauty that emphasizes natural sensuality and sexual balance. The line of perfumes, intimate products, massage oils, lotions and goodies for bath time features pheromone-infused scents and even edible formulas (yes, you heard us right) that encourage playful interaction between you and your partner.

The products are all clinically tested and do not contain harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, talc or GMOs, so you can feel good about using them to get in the mood. The best part, though, is the brand's mission. Created for and by women, the line is aimed to make women feel comfortable initiating intimacy on their own terms.

Luz de la Riva, CEO and founder of Luz de la Riva Couture Intimate Cosmetics, puts it beautifully: "The core of the Luz de la Riva brand is that we believe women should not tiptoe around the delicate topic of sex -- it’s time for an open and honest conversation about what pleasures us or not." Amen.

While we are fans of the entire collection, there are a few products that really stand out. We can't stop using the Stella Massage Oil as both a fragrance and hydrating oil, and we are obsessed with the ultra glamorous Lulu 24K Edible Massage Oil for its mesmerizing 24 karat gold flecks and light fruity taste.

Ready to try the line for yourself? Shop the collection below:

Luz de la Riva
Available in Marrakesh, Wild Orchid and Sweet Chérie, the Stella Massage Oil brings spice and fragrance to the bedroom. It's formulated with natural ingredients to enhance sensual massage.

Stella Massage Oil, $29.50
Luz de la Riva
24 karat gold flecks make this massage oil sparkle. Made with natural pheromones and organic ingredients to lend a fruity taste, you can feel good about keeping this baby on your nightstand.

Lulu 24K Edible Massage Oil, $40
Luz de la Riva
Say hello to a cream that's good enough to eat, literally. The Olivia Arousing Nipple Cleam enhances the sense of touch and taste with a blend of aphrodisiacal flavors in either Decadent Chocolate or Forbidden Fruit.

Olivia Arousing Nipple Cream, $27
Luz de la Riva
This edible oil totally changes the massage game. Now you can excite your tastebuds as your skin gets special treatment.

Lulu Edible Massage Oil, $28
Luz de la Riva
Allow the Sophia Massage Candle to set the mood for love with exciting aphrodisiacal aromas.

Sophia Massage Candle, $29.50
Luz de la Riva
If oil isn't your thing, give the Zoe Massage Lotion a try. Natural and nourishing, this lotion is good for both flirtation and hydration.

Zoe Massage Lotion, $27
Luz de la Riva
Finally, a safe, effective and non-sticky lubricant for women! The Simone Lubricant is water based and formulated without glycerine so you can enjoy worry free.

Simone Water Based Lubricant, 28
Luz de la Riva
Nothing is sexier than a sensual bath to awaken your senses and smooth your skin. Try the Lisa Sea Salt Scrub for a seductive bathing experience.

Lisa Pheromone Salt Scrub, $28
Luz de la Riva
Formulated with vitamin E, silk amino acids and lanolin, this body wash means business. Use to cleanse, calm and moisturize while in the tub.

Lola Intimate Body Wash, $18
Luz de la Riva
Put attraction pheromones to the test with the Lily Perfume that encourages the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with sex and intimacy.

Lily Pheromone Perfume, $70

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