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Beauty From The Outside In

Recently, there's been growing attention rightfully placed on what we actually put on to our skin in terms of beautiful skin as well as disease prevention.
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When it comes to beautiful skin, you will hear me talk about how it begins with what’s going on inside of you, what you choose to eat and what you choose NOT to eat. But recently, there’s been growing attention rightfully placed on what we actually put on to our skin in terms of beautiful skin as well as disease prevention. To get underneath it all, I sat with renowned celebrity make-up artist, Christy Coleman ( who uses toxin-free products exclusively in her work and whose celebrity clients include Amber Valletta, Sheryl Crow and Emmy Rossum .

AKA) You haven’t always used toxin-free products, what inspired your change?

CC) It all began in rural Texas and Oklahoma. My dad was exposed to many chemicals and fertilizers throughout his life, and I believe that these harmful toxins were the trigger for his ALS (also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”). After watching my father pass away, I knew that I needed to turn my personal experience into something positive by transcending my knowledge about this disease and how much we all are exposed to toxins into my professional life. Many consumers aren’t aware that traditional makeup can contain harmful ingredients, which the skin absorbs, potentially causing long-term health concerns. After years of research, I have hand selected only green products to be a part of my makeup kit that not only perform at a very high level, they’re good for you and the environment.

AKA) What do you believe the link between toxin-free makeup and skin health to be - can the products you recommend actually improve skin health as opposed to not harm?

CC) Toxin-free makeup often has better ingredients that do help to promote the health of your skin as opposed to irritating and damaging the skin over time. Many toxin-free / natural brands strive to include natural and organic ingredients that have an added benefit to the skin. Whether the ingredient is known to increase hydration, soothe or promote anti-aging, at the end of the day it is also about what "is not" included in the formula that is equally important.

AKA) But, can you seriously get competitive “cover girl” looks with non-toxic makeup?

CC) YES, you can create any look or trend with non-toxic makeup, and feel better about supporting eco-friendly brands while knowing that you are doing your skin a favor by decreasing the amount of toxins to which you are exposed.

AKA) What do your celebrity clients say is the best thing about your use of toxin-free only make-up? Why do you use toxin-free make-up for your celebrity clients when they are only using the products during a shoot?

CC) Most of the celebrities I work with are wearing makeup day in and day out under the hot lights of a high profile event, photo or TV shoot. Applying and taking makeup off multiple times in a day can wreak havoc on the skin. I find that the products within my makeup kit are a lot gentler on the skin, but still provide the dramatic looks and performance that is imperative for what I do for a living.

AKA) I’m sold, as you know. But where can someone start if they want to begin switching over but aren’t ready to invest in a whole new line of products?

CC) I’d recommend starting with your foundation or face powder as well as any lip products because those are ones that cover the most surface area (your foundation) or that you are most likely to ingest (lips). Also, don’t forget about your body lotions. I recommend using raw organic coconut oil immediately following your shower as it locks in moisture for soft skin.