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18 Morning Beauty Hacks Every Lazy Girl Will Love

Fake a full-morning routine with these quick and easy tips and tricks. 💄

For non-morning people, waking up two hours early just to primp and prep for the day sounds like the stuff of nightmares. Heck, give us a nudge 15 minutes before we need to leave the house and we'll show you how magic is done. You just need to be in on the tricks.

Watch the 18 videos below to learn a thing or two about making the most out of rushed mornings.

1. If you're running late or simply don't want to wear a full face of makeup, apply red lipstick for an instant pick-me-up:

2. The "perfect but imperfect" bun is your unwashed hair's friend:

3. For a quick, sleek and chic look, try this ponytail:

4. Here are 10 basic (and easy!) eye makeup styles for quick mornings followed by big events:

5. Give your getup a Parisian twist with these scarf tricks:

6. Speed up your beauty routine with this makeup bag:

7. Contour your face in less than a minute:

8. Have some business cards lying around? Use them in applying makeup to your brows, eyes and face:

9. Use dry shampoo to give your hair volume:

10. Invest in multi-purpose beauty products to save time:

11. Need to hide undereye bags in a jiffy? Apply liquid concealer to the shadows below the bags to make your skin look uniform:

12. Spritz a pH and shine corrector in the shower for silky hair:

13. Use your eyelash curler to curl and line simultaneously:

14. Need to revive your mascara last minute? Add a few drops of contact solution:

15. Likewise with lotion. Save a rushed trip to CVS and get every last drop of lotion by cutting open the bottle:

16. For fuller-looking lips, use white eyeliner:

17. When possible, prep your hair the night before with these overnight bedtime tricks:

18. You can also give yourself a facial while you sleep for a perfectly fresh face in the AM:

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