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9 Ways Technology Is Transforming The Beauty Industry

9 Beauty Mistakes You Never Have To Make Again

We’ve all had those moments: you find a genius new beauty trick and think: “What did I do before this?” And then you look at old photos of yourself and realize exactly what you did: You wore muddy-looking bronzer. You online-shopped final sale and ended up with a closet full of clothes you never wore. You tried at-home beauty treatments and lived with the consequences.

But as our beauty routines have become more intertwined with the latest technology, we’ve found ways to look good and shop smart -- with much less fuss.

As part of its annual Women in Digital Program, L’Oréal USA is celebrating the women in tech who have changed our approach toward beauty and shopping. This year’s winners of the L’Oréal Next Generation Award have disrupted the industry for the better—and we can’t thank them enough.

So in the spirit of progress, here are the beauty mistakes we can’t believe we made — along with all the cool innovations we can’t believe we made do without.


Beauty And Technology: Then And Now

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