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Beauty Mythbuster: Is Concealer the Secret to Long-Lasting Eyebrows?

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The claim: Adding waxy concealer to your bare brows before you fill them in will actually make your made-up eyebrows last extra long. Brows are one of the most important features on your face -- seriously, having perfect eyebrows makes a huge difference in your look. After taking the time to achieve a super strong brow game, there's nothing worse than looking in the mirror to see your beautiful brows looking weak AF thanks to products that just won't stay in place. Not only is it frustrating, it's not cute. This Beauty Mythbuster aims to solve that problem.

The concept of applying concealer to your brows isn't dissimilar to using a primer before putting on your foundation -- it builds a clean base that color can live on top of and keeps the color vibrant and enduring. As an eyebrow enthusiast and firm believer in always having a strong brow game, I set out to put this beauty claim to the test.


The first step is to apply a rather thick, waxy concealer to your bare eyebrows. I used Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer ($5) because of its texture and stickyness (brow products would be more likely to adhere). Avoid liquid concealers for this hack, because the consistency won't provide a tacky barrier like waxy ones will. I find that those in stick formulas tend to work the best.


Now, fill in your brows as you normally would. I personally think that powders and brow gels work best with a concealer primer versus pencils, but use whatever works best for the look you're after. You'll notice that the product will really hold to the concealer, so be extra careful as you fill 'em in.


Yes! You can see the difference between having bare brows (left) and filling them in (right) with a base of concealer in the photo above. As for the technique's staying power, I tried this hack in the morning, and by the time happy hour rolled around, my brows were
on fleek. I would definitely turn to this beauty hack any time I need long-lasting brows. If I know I'll be spending all day in the sun or have an extra long night ahead of me, this is the best way to achieve picture-perfect brows that are on point 100% of the time -- fact.

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