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A Beauty Philosophy All New Moms Can Get Behind

For the month of May, HuffPost Style is turning the camera's focus on fabulous moms and moms-to-be in our Beauty Street Style series. Warning: your heart will melt after you get to know HuffPost Home editor Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson.

HuffPost Home Editor Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson has a great beauty philosophy for new moms everywhere.

When Jessica found out she was pregnant last year, she decided to give up chemical hair relaxers once and for all. But, after having her daughter four months ago, she needed something to cut down her morning hair routine. "I still wear my hair straight, which can be super labor intensive on wash/blow-dry day once a week," she explained. "Baby ain't got time for that."

So, Jessica decided to get a keratin treatment. Although she acknowledges that keratin is still chemical-based, it's been great for the amount of time she has, cutting her wash, blowdrying and styling times in half. The easier regimen, which involves most of the Keratin Complex line, allows Jessica to follow her own brilliant beauty mantra: "I've always felt that if my hair is decent, all else is well in the world."

As a new mommy, Jessica finds that there needs to be a new outlook on how society views the effects of motherhood on women, which she explains with some powerful words:

It's been four months since August was born and I can't tell you how many people have said, "You don't even look like you just had a baby!" I get that new parenthood is exhausting and nerve-racking and sometimes even lonely, but the more I heard that comment, the more I started to feel like our view on what moms should look like is kind of sad. I just dropped a few pounds, I can have a cocktail and some sushi again and, most importantly, I have this beautiful baby who makes me well up inside just thinking about how she smiles when she sees me. I'm happy, and that's what you see. I think I've made a conscious effort to show that -- it's my version of the whole beauty comes from within thing.

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