8 Must-Have Beauty Products From Around The World
These days, it seems like there's a new beauty trend every week. With the millions of products on the market, it's hard to keep track of the best brands in the U.S., let alone abroad. But thanks to the site Travel Beauty, finding the best beauty brands from around the world is a breeze.
Travel Beauty was started by Alyssa Weiss after she grew frustrated from falling in love with products abroad, but being unable to find them in the United States. Weiss' site brings the best products from other counties to the U.S. market and ensures they are all "TSA-friendly" (aka, there is no need to check your luggage, so you can travel with favorite moisturizers and cleansers).
Weiss and her panel of industry experts (which includes makeup artists, dermatologists and hair stylists) scrutinize each product before it lands on her site, sourcing items from all corners of the earth and at all price points.
Given her beauty knowledge, we asked Weiss to pick her top eight favorite products from Travel Beauty and tell us why she can't live without them. From a lady who travels the world and knows about thousands of beauty brands, we're going to take her word that these are some of the best products from around the globe.
Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (from the UK)
Travel Beauty
"A quadruple-threat spa in a jar. A moisturizing, deep-cleansing, makeup-removing mask that doesn't strip the skin of its essential oils. It can be used as a hair mask as well. I store mine in the fridge: the cool temperature is refreshing and calms puffiness. At the same time, the all-natural scent of moringa is calming to the senses." Get it here ($60).
Cosmetics 27 Huile 27 by M.E. SkinLabs (from France)
Travel Beauty

"This all-natural reparative elixir can be used alone as a moisturizing face oil or mixed with a moisturizer to super hydrate the visage. It can also be used as a body, hair and cuticle oil, and even as a lip balm." Get it here ($99).

B. Kamins Laboratories Sun Defense SPF 30 (from Canada)
Travel Beauty

"The B. Kamins line was formulated by a dermatologist in Canada, especially for sensitive and even rosacea-prone skin. It contains broad spectrum, oil- and fragrance-free protection, so it won't clog pores. The lotion has a light pink color, which provides a light BB-esque effect and evens out skin tone. It can be used in lieu of foundation and is an ideal primer for makeup." Get it here ($36).

Lavido Hyaluronic Acid Alert Eye Cream (from Israel)
Travel Beauty

"Organic and formulated with plant-based hyaluronic acid, it hydrates and firms the skin around the eye area. The formula is light and creamy so you can put your makeup on right over. Ideal for sensitive skin." Get it here ($49).

Sapelo Skin Care Rejuvenating Cream (from the United States)
Travel Beauty

"This all-natural, botanical moisturizer contains gardenia plant stem cells and a high concentration of colloidal platinum peptides which hydrates, reduces wrinkles and boosts collagen production. In short, this light, airy, anti-aging moisturizer delivers on its promise. It truly turns back the hands of time -- at least as far as your skin is concerned." Get it here ($240).

Caretrico Treatment Slim Through (from Japan)
Travel Beauty

"I use it as a leave-in conditioner, though it is prescribed as a conditioner and hydrating mask. My hair is thick, curly and highlighted so it needs all the help it can get in the hydrating and defrizzing departments, and this conditioner delivers every time." Get it here ($40).

Vine Minus Ion Care Water (from Japan)
Travel Beauty

"This high-tech water can be used to volumize fine hair or defrizz course hair, as a facial toner, makeup remover and even to brush your teeth. The negative ions in the water make it antibacterial and actually boost the efficacy of every other product that is applied subsequently." Get it here ($21).

Alchimie Forever Dry Skin Balm (from Switzerland)
Travel Beauty

"A great all-natural, über-hydrating, all-over balm. It's anti-aging and even minimizes swelling and brown spots. Fantastic for sensitive skin and travel." Get it here ($25).

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