33 Beauty Products Reviewers Say They're Truly 'Obsessed' With

"Obsessed" is an understatement. "Discovered a new way of life" is a tad more accurate.

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Broadway's long-lasting clear lip gloss set
Promising review: "I️ saw these in a BuzzFeed article and I always need chapstick/lip moisturizer with me so I️ thought I️ would give these a try! And safe to say, these are perfect, exactly what I️ was looking for! I️ have had the mint one on for 30 minutes and I’m obsessed! It was a little sticky like any lip gloss at first but as time goes but it’s very cooling and moisturizing. I’ll definitely be ordering more to have on hand!" — Stephanie
Bed Head Deep Waver to get those beachy vacation waves
Reviewers with various hair types says this tool is golden — thin straight hair, thick 4C hair, etc. A few people noted that it's even wig- and weave-safe!

Promising reviews: "I AM OBSESSED. My friends recommended this product and I’m so glad I finally got one!!!!... I feel like the waves look so natural. I have straight, fine hair that can barely hold a curl and I don’t even have to use hairspray to keep these waves, plus it adds lots of volume! Once you get the technique down it’s super quick and easy, takes me about 15 mins or so! I can’t say enough good things about this product, so just get it!! — Lydia Delcourt
Anamaria Glavan / BuzzFeed
Glossier's Boy Brow is the top-rated, cult-favorite, brow-changing product
Glossier took the world by storm by making the barely-there "no makeup, makeup look" trendy again with their beauty products meant to enhance, not cover up.

Promising review: "This brow gel applies just the right amount of product to add fullness and definition while staying natural. The waxy texture once dried holds brows in place perfectly. I'm a brow gel snob and am obsessed!" — Roni
The Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is makeup-bag essential
Promising reviews: "I’m obsessed with this concealer. It provides outstanding, long lasting coverage and can be buildable as needed. If I could only choose one makeup item to wear out, it’s this concealer." — Kayles0404
Amanda Davis / BuzzFeed
The Freck Beauty Lashrocket Liner has lash-enhancing peptides
This liner has easily become an essential for me (seriously, I've never switched a makeup product so fast). I wear eyeliner pretty often, so having one that gives me an awesome benefit like LENGTHENING MY LASHES? I'm sold. I've even noticed my lashes become a little fuller after using it for about a month. The formula is pigmented and very long lasting. Now I'm just waiting for more colors at this point.

Freck Beauty is a woman-owned business based in Los Angeles. The company started off with Freck OG and has since grown to facial masks, eye creams, serums, and more.

Promising review: "I am obsessed with this eyeliner! The tip applicator makes it easy to use with max precision! It lasts all day and no issues with smudging. My lashes even appear fuller after using this constantly the past few weeks!" — CeeRenee
Corated's heatless curler gives you bouncy curls without the damage
This heatless curler comes as a set, so you'll also get two matching silk scrunchies and a hair clip with purchase.

Promising reviews: "I could not be more obsessed with this. I have stick straight hair and I'm a new mom. I love feeling glam but have about seven minutes to get ready every morning. I put these in when I go to sleep at night....They're comfy. and only take two minutes to put in. And when I wake up, I pull them out in 15 seconds, mist with hairspray and I have bouncy curls for the rest of the day... Works better than curlings iron for me!" — nikki liu
Too Cool For School's Egg Mellow Cream does it all
It works as a firming cream, serum, priming moisturizer, neck cream, eye cream, AND sleeping mask! No matter where you apply it, your skin will be plump and moisturized thanks to the whipped blend of collagen fibers, Inca omega oil, and egg white and yolk extracts.

Promising reviews:
"10/10. Got the sample in my Birchbox and had to order the larger size. I’m OBSESSED with this stuff. It makes my face ultra soft and smell good! Worth the price." — Ashley Brosch
Revlon's Volcanic Face Roller absorbs shine in seconds
The face roller is reusable! Just twist the ring to pop out the stone, then wash it with a mild soap/cleanser and let it air dry after every use.

Promising review: "I am obsessed with this roller! I normally have to use oil blotting sheets three times a day and this roller makes me feel so much more environmentally conscious. This roller seriously just takes the oil right off of your face. It's super easy to clean and reuse. I have one by my bathroom sink, one in my gym bag, and one in my purse and I've been reusing them all for months!" — K
BuzzFeed / Kayla Sauzo
Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel has a major cult following
This noncomedogenic beauty staple is also oil-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free.

And just a heads up: be sure your Hydro Boost Water Gel is coming straight from Amazon's warehouse! Some reviewers have had trouble with their product if purchasing from a different Amazon retailer.

Promising reviews: "THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL. I wish I had got this [earlier]. I like the smell, the consistency, and how well it absorbs into my skin. My skin feels SO hydrated after I use it. Even if I use it after a face mask, it still absorbs so well, whereas the hada labo just felt like it was sitting on my skin more times than not. I'm obsessed with this!" — R. R.
Grande Cosmetics' lash serum grows your natural lashes
Promising reviews: "I had very few eyelashes after getting lash extensions and after a month of using this serum I am noticing my lashes again!! Thicker and longer. I am obsessed with this product. I use it every night." — Taylor
Mario Badescu
The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion dries up your blemishes overnight
Promising review: "Drying lotion is a good name for this stuff because it dries up those zit and blemishes nobody wants. My teenage son uses this for bigger stubborn ones despite having an arsenal of acne products—this one is just the best to really take the gunky life out of those big rude red ones! It’s so good I’ll even use it on pink spots that linger and it fades them overnight so nicely. It’s an excellent product." — Nicole M
This Paula's Choice liquid exfoliant is top-rated
Promising reviews: "I never write product reviews but I am OBSESSED with this product...I am so glad I decided to try something new. I've been using it for less than a week and my pores are smaller, skin tone is more even, breakouts are under control and fading at least twice as fast as usual, and my skin is GLOWING. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin that is annoyingly combination. I haven't found this to be overly drying or irritating in any way. I would recommend this product to anyone." — Amazon customer
Glow Recipe's niacinamide drops are essentially liquid GOLD
Promising review: "I love this on my skin. I have textured, big pores, dry, acne and sensitive skin. All of the above and it doesn’t burn or cause irritation by my eyes like most products do even clean beauty products. I’m surprised my skin does well. It feels hydrated and grip enough to use as a primer for makeup. I really like this brand so far." — Mary Anderson
This Schick dermaplaning tool literally makes your skin feel brand new
Promising reviews: "Everyone: YOU NEED THESE. I seriously just got them an hour ago and can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am. I used them to shape my eyebrows and WOW. They’ve never looked so good. Super easy to use and the perfect size. I’ve used mini razors like this before (including Tinkles) and these are by far the best. Do yourself and your brows a favor and buy these!" — Kaylee Frederickson
LilyAna Naturals' eye cream helps you hide how tired you really are
Promising review: "I’m OBSESSED! I always have trouble with eye creams because my skin in general is very sensitive and dry. Usually I get a bad rash or my eyes tear up when using eye creams so I just stopped using them. I decided to give this one a try with all the great reviews and I’m so glad I did! Super hydrating, doesn’t make me tear up and sits well under makeup!... It did instantly hydrate my under eyes with no reaction and had a brightening effect that made me look less tired!...Can’t beat the price of this either, definitely worth a try!" — D
Peripera Ink Velvet Lip Tint gives you long-lasting color
Promising reviews: "I'm absolutely obsessed with this lip color! The formula goes on very smoothly. It's highly pigmented, so it provides great saturation. It also stays in place rather well. Would highly recommend." — Karen Scarborough
Tula’s purifying cleanser gets so much love
Promising reviews: "Obsessed! I’ve tried lots of different cleansers and this one is my favorite. Its gentle but also gets off a full face of makeup! I use it every morning and night. Love it." — Amazon customer
This Maybelline highlighter illuminates your skin in the best possible way
Promising reviews: "This highlighter is a gorgeous warm gold that is multi faceted and has a gorgeous metallic like shift. Typically golds aren't my go-to's [but this] formula is amazing. It is SOO pigmented and buttery. It buildable, blendable, and it sheers out beautifully. This highlighter is seriously 100x better than highlighters I've bought that are quadruple the cost. I am obsessed with it! It's affordable, it's gorgeous, it's long wearing, it's not too glittery...it's perfect. Yes...I said perfect." — TickTockAlice
Maybelline’s matte lipstick gives you long-lasting, beautiful color
Promising review: "I freaking love this lipstick...It's the lipstick I reach for the most, and I'm so sure that I'll purchase it again. The matte doesn't dry your lips out, the pigmentation payoff is impressive for a drugstore brand, and it's creamy for a long time before mattifying. I'm obsessed." — Sanjay Gangal
Essence's cruelty-free lengthening mascara provides dramatically long lashes
Promising reviews: "Obsessed!!! After using Lights, Camera, Lashes by Tarte for the past year, I got tired of breaking the bank over mascara. My sister suggested Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love. It provides dramatic length and great volume. I can honestly say I can’t stop looking at my eyelashes in the mirror every single day because of how awesome they look. Also, it is very long wearing. I go from an eight hour work day right to the gym and sweat...and this stuff doesn’t budge! I love it!!" — Carrie E Weikert
This ice roller helps decrease under-eye puffiness and minimize fine lines
Promising reviews: "OBSESSED. How have I lived without this little gem?! These great reviews are for a reason!... I’ve had it for two days and have used it 5+ times... SO relaxing, helps with my rosacea inflammation, and on incoming painful zits. I haven’t had a headaches to try it out, but going by how nice it feels on my neck and forehead I would assume it’s effective in that sense as well! Stop contemplating and get it! :)" — Tiffany
Black Girl Sunscreen protects and moisturizes skin without leaving a greasy white cast
Black Girl Sunscreen is a Black woman-owned small business. The sunscreen comes in three versions: original SPF 30, matte SPF 45, and a kid's SPF 50. Each are paraben-free, fragrance-free, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Promising reviews: "I am obsessed with this brand’s formula... The formula is very lightweight, not greasy, perfect for under makeup application and does not turn chalky on my skin. At $15.99 for 3oz that’s a steal for me, you get what you pay for and this one proved you don’t have to spend a lot to get great quality. I’d definitely recommend and purchase again." —Angie DeVille
Zombie Pack face masks minimize pores and hydrate your skin
Promising reviews: "I’m obsessed with this mask and wish I could get a deal buying it in bulk! I have never used a product that lifts and tightened like this mask and I’ve been using various masks for years....I have oily skin but it has cleared up significantly since using the zombie mask for a month... and the results were amazing!! I’m 36 but my eyes looked like a well rested 20-something's! Love it!" — Allison Carmody
This Revlon brush makes ALL the difference when you're blow-drying your hair
Reviewers with everything from thin and short to wavy and fine to thick and curly hair love the One-Step Brush and say it works great for their hair types.

Promising reviews: "I was pretty skeptical about purchasing this at first since there weren’t many reviews from people with coarse hair, but after a friend recommended it, I decided to give it a try, and I love it. I have thick, coarse, curly 3C hair. And usually to straighten my hair, I use a blow dryer with attachment and then a straightener which usually takes 1.5–2 hrs. But with this, I let my hair dry like 75% of the way, apply a heat protectant and hair oil, split my hair into 8 sections, and I’m done in 30-40 minutes! My hair is straight but still has a ton of volume; and it feels so soft! It’s truly remarkable for this busy momma! It took me a good 2-3 times of practicing with it to really feel like I could get a good shape, but I’m now in love. It’s also really great for refreshing your style...Long story short, I’m obsessed, I’ve joined the cult. I’m never giving it up." — Gretchen

BTW, Revlon's got a One-Step Styler specifically for curly hair, too for only $33.99! It has over 31,000 5-star reviews and has earned just as much love as the OG styler.
Voyor's pore vacuum extracts everything
Three different suction levels (low for sensitive skin, medium for small blackheads, and large for pesky blackheads) and six interchangeable heads that span from strong suction to gentle suction enable you to customize your blackhead-removal experience with ease.

Promising review: " Yaaaaaaasssssss queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen I am obsessed with this vacuum!!! I have hormonal acne prone skin, but always struggle with white heads around my nose and chin area. This thing does WERRRRK!!! I use the flat-looking head and it’s amazing for really getting larger areas like my skin, and the curvature around my nose... After a few uses, especially right after getting out of a hot shower, this lil' guy started really working! I’d suggest doing it after a hot wash/ face wash, or after a facial steamer...This makes my skin finally feel so clean and not oily and clogged!" — Stacey Checcino
Bio-Oil is another cult-favorite product that reviewers swear by
Promising review: "OBSESSED. I've been using Bio-Oil twice a day for about three weeks, and it is amazing. I am noticing that a deep scar that I've had on my face since I was 9 (I'm 37 now), from a dog attack is starting to look better already! Also, my forehead lines are looking less prominent. I am AMAZED by this product and will continue using it for years to come." — Tiffany R.
The Tower 28 lip gloss takes the OG gloss you love to new heights
P.S. it's non-sticky too.

Tower 28 is an Asian woman-owned beauty brand founded by Amy Liu.

Promising review: "I have three colors in this product, and I am obsessed with them all. I want to buy the whole shade range! They are super hydrating, not sticky, and last quite a long time. When the gloss eventually absorbs/fades, the color is left behind... I also love how the more opaque shades are buildable, so they could easily be sheer if applied lightly and blended out. I definitely understand the hype around these." — GinaTaz
This eyeliner stamp gives you the perfect cat-eye look in seconds
The Flick Stick comes from New Zealand-based brand and small biz Lovior Beauty.

Promising review: "I am obsessed with these liners!! My first application took under three minutes and was perfect. These liners are foolproof. I even put it to the ultimate test and applied on my bare, unprimed eyelids. I have oily eyelids and I’m telling you this liner is long wearing and smudge proof! So far I’ve used the 8mm and 10mm sizes and I have zero complaints. I’ve gotten so many compliments and flick stick liners are now a staple in my makeup collection. My beauty routine is now much quicker and more streamlined. Do yourself a favor and buy this!" — Angel McDaniel
Maybelline's concealer is a miracle-working product
Promising review: "I can not stop raving about this product. I AM IN LOVE. This product is affordable and definitely a MUST HAVE in everyone's collection when it comes to makeup. Hides my dark circles and gives my eyes some life. I'm obsessed. ALSO IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY, in case my review wasn't clear enough." — Nada
Sdara Skincare's derma roller is a painless micro-needling treatment
Add a hydrating serum to serve as a primer over your skin as you derma roll. The derma-rolling will allow the serum to sink into your skin even deeper, allowing you to reap its benefits. Make sure you learn how to derma-roll properly before going at it.

Promising review: "Obsessed! This is a necessity for every person’s daily routine! Works so well at creating blood flow and promoting collagen production. Definitely makes a huge difference in improving product absorption as well. I notice a big improvement in any laugh/forehead lines I get and definitely think this has been helping with my acne scars! Not painful at all either." — Niloo
Coty Airspun Face Powder is a velvety, oil-absorbing matte setting powder
Promising review: "I am now OBSESSED with this stuff. I feel like I've been officially converted. As someone who's used compact foundation for over a decade, this has been a huge change in routine, but I really love the way this stuff feels. Now it's not as full coverage as a compact foundation, but if used with some concealer and a setting spray--this still really can do wonders! It's super lightweight and comfortable to wear, and I've gotten a lot of compliments on how great my makeup and skin have looked." — A-Mo
Cure's exfoliating water gel cleanses your skin so well
Promising review: "I am literally obsessed with this magic in a bottle! I have extremely sensitive skin so abrasive exfoliation is totally out of the question. I’ve been using this stuff for five years and never let myself run out. Must buy! — Jill
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is destined to become your holy grail product
Apple cider vinegar is the activating ingredient for this mask. Make sure to grab a bottle.

Promising review: "I am obsessed! This mask is amazing! It gives such a deep clean and has helped tremendously with my breakouts. I mix with apple cider vinegar and use twice a week. It is a cleansing mask, so it’s not moisturizing — I wash it off and then use a moisturizing serum. I cannot recommend this enough! It’s affordable, awesome skincare." — kptucke

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