Beauty Street Style: Celia Ammerman, Former 'ANTM' Contestant, Reveals Quick Makeup Fix

We just ran into her, and, naturally, hit her up for beauty tips.

Remember Celia Ammerman from cycle 12 of "America's Next Top Model"? Well, she's still out there modeling, and this year she even walked a few shows at New York Fashion Week. Which is exactly where she was coming from when our photographer Raydene ran into her outside Lincoln Center. Since she was all glammed up post-show, we took the opportunity to shoot her for Beauty Street Style.

When we asked her about her beauty staples, mascara specifically, she said, "You know what, it was an emergency. I just did a show and I couldn't find any, so I used the eyeliner somebody had as mascara." Definitely an interesting makeup pinch-hitter and an effective way to quickly darken light lashes. Check out the rest of her beauty essentials below.

beauty street style Photo/Art: Raydene Salinas

Click through the gallery to shop Celia's beauty look.

Beauty Street Style

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