Beauty Tax: Should It Happen?

Beauty Tax: Should It Happen?

Gonzalo Otólora, once a pimply teenager, has written Feosexual, an ironic book about his decision to ignore people's opinions about his looks. In his native Argentina - the country with the most beautiful women in the world, he says - his book is a bestseller.

In your book, you call for a tax on beauty. Why should people have to pay because they're attractive?

Gonzalo Otólora: "Countless studies show that good-looking people have an unfair advantage. It's easier for them to find jobs; they're paid more and find partners more easily. In a true democracy, beautiful and ugly people should be given equal opportunities. So I think we should tax the beautiful, a kind of compensation for the ugly ducklings. There are also other ways to reduce this unfair advantage."

Such as?

"In Argentina, companies are allowed to ask applicants to send in a photograph; that should be outlawed, just as the immoral practise of manipulating pictures of models in magazines and advertisements should be banned."

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