13 Beauty Tricks We Learned Backstage At New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Sure, New York Fashion Week is supposed to be a time when clothes are celebrated. But, there wouldn't be beauty looks if the hair, makeup and nails didn't matter, right?

As we ran around backstage at shows, we learned a thing or two (or 13 things), that influenced our own morning routines. While the Pamella Roland show schooled us on the importance of a silk scarf, Rodarte showed us the power of custom lip color.

And since we couldn't keep these tips to ourselves, we compiled the best backstage beauty tricks to inspire your look. Thank us later!

Herve Leger
Bumble and Bumble
Using double-sided hair tape, line-up and secure a color hair extension strip along both sides of hairline, just above the nape of the neck and pull through ponytail.
Skip the base and top coat and apply a pale pink nail polish like Muse for a sheer wash of color. It's the ultimate “lazy girl mani."
Getty Images
Tie hair with a du-rag to get the crown of head tight and close to scalp.
Loose glitter + lipstick = custom sparkly lip color
Charlotte Ronson
Getty Images
Create a romantic, hazy look by using a flesh-toned eyeshadow as highlighter on your chin, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of your nose and inner corners of your eyes.
Costello Tagliapietra
Raydene Salinas
Get double-duty use out of your chocolate lipsticks and stains by using them as a creamy/glossy eyeshadow.
Costello Tagliapietra
Raydene Salinas
PawPaw lip balm and blush make for a simple yet effective DIY lip stain.
Kate Spade
Raydene Salinas
Use Garnier Fructis Style Power Wax Spray Disorder (a men’s hair product that's a cross between a hairspray and gel) to tame flyaways without the excessive flakiness or gunk.
Raydene Salinas
For a fairy-like flush, smooth on a blush stick to your eyelids and lips (skip the cheeks!).
Pamella Roland
Getty Images
After setting hair with hot rollers or pin curls, wrap your head in a silk scarf. The scarf will allow your hair to cool appropriately and set it to define the S-wave.
Jeremy Scott
Pattie Yankie
To create a dewy, wet-effect look to your manicure, add two drops of a red nail polish like Pattie Yankie Lacquer Atonement into your top coat.
Wes Gordon
Getty Images
Use playing cards and hair clips/pins to smooth side-swept strands.
Getty Images
Wrap hair scarf ends into a ponytail/braid for a fun and easy way to keep scarf in place.

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