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Beauty Undefined: 21 Famous Artists Unite to Remaster Ideal Standards of Beauty

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Beauty and the female form are ever changing concepts: fluid ideas defined by society and culture. Once upon a time, a full and robust female figure was the most celebrated form of beauty and today, the media praises quite the opposite. In some African cultures, bleaching one's skin is a daily ritual in order to conform with perceived notions of beauty, while in others, tanning can be an insatiable obsession.

However, as times change and minds open, there is a relentless, evolving effort to reconcile the dissimilarities of identity and encourage the unique. The art world is always at the forefront of directing revolutionary movements to change the way society thinks and when we really pay attention to what is being created in these indie scenes, we can't help but shift our minds into new spaces of appreciation and admiration.

On March 2nd and March 3rd, a creative army of 21 famous international artists will band together in New York City's Lower East Side to explore the concept of womanhood and embrace the freedom from archaic cultural stigmas in a group exhibition for charity, Beauty Undefined, curated by Monica Watkins and Magda Love.

In the curators' and artists' philanthropic drive to create powerful change, 100% of the proceeds from sold artworks from Beauty Undefined will be donated to Project India, a mission to promote self-esteem and self-expression for at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking in South East Asia, produced by the anti-human trafficking non-profit organization Beauty for Freedom.

Beauty Undefined: An Empowered Exploration of Women and Beauty
An Exhibition Curated by Monica Watkins and Magda Love, Presented by Select
Benefitting Project India by Beauty for Freedom
March 2nd & 3rd, 2016 at 51 Orchard Street NY, NY 10002
Opening Reception March 2nd, 7-11pm

Donations to Project India are tax deductible and may be done here.