Think of a time you found yourself absorbed in the contemplation of some object, or some person. In that moment, did you feel compelled to describe exactly what you were experiencing? More so, did your mind quickly offer a couple of adjectives to help describe THOSE feelings? Perhaps the words "perfect" or "beautiful"?

So, I pondered: if we have the ability to recognize Perfection or Beauty - if this feeling arises from within us - why do we believe that we are not enough, or beautiful, or perfect enough?
There is a school of thought that would argue my statement and say - this type of behavior is characteristic of human nature; that the simplicity of our existence is too heavy for us to understand and accept. So we strive towards greatness - we aim for our self-construed idea of 'perfection'.

On the other hand, my "school of thought" states that if Like attracts Like, if Like acknowledges Like - like for example if you recognize beauty - aren't you also Beauty? We can't know what something feels like, or looks like, without first having an idea of the concept we are recognizing.

If you can see, feel, taste, smell, hear and experience Perfection or Beauty:
Like the sound and feel of the vast ocean
Like a mesmerizing sunset
Like the heartfelt sound of a piece of music
Like the sight, touch and smell of a beautiful, soft, white flower
Like the watching of a nimble, delicate bird effortlessly take off and glide from one tree to the next
Like the feeling of vibrant colors that add life to a cozy home

What more proof do you need?