Injured Baby Beaver Enjoys Some R&R After Golf Course Rescue

Cuteness alert!

This adorable baby beaver just loves chilling in the bathtub.

The cute critter was filmed enjoying some well-deserved R&R after being discovered with an injured tail under a tree at a golf course near Calgary, Canada, on June 27.

The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation took in the four- to six-week-old animal and posted the footage to Facebook on Wednesday. It has since gone viral.

“We really don’t know what happened to him,” Holly Duvall, the organization’s executive director, told Global News.

“Our suspicion is that he was picked up by a predator and then dropped,” she added to CBC News. “It’s not normal at this age for beaver kits to be separated from their parents. They’re very bonded.”

The video shows the beaver grooming himself after a quick dip. It means he’s “pretty typical,” Duvall said. “It’s fantastic that we’re seeing that with him.”

Institute staff are treating the beaver, who is recovering well and has more than doubled in weight to 2.4 pounds since staff took him in. 

They are looking into other organizations that may be able to assist with his rehabilitation because he’s the only beaver on their books.