Bebe Launches, Clearly Misunderstands 'Workwear' (PHOTOS)

What should a well-dressed woman wear to work? According to Bebe, a lot of black lace.

Racked pointed out the "New Way To Work It" collection featured on Bebe's website, which will debut in stores tomorrow.

Billed as "wear-to-work," the line is intended to amp up the average, mall-going female's work wardrobe. So what does Bebe recommend? Black lace tops, leopard-print platforms, black lace tights, shiny silver denim, fingerless black leather gloves and more black lace tops.

Helpfully organized by day, the outfits suggest what the typical Bebe working gal does on any given weekday. On Tuesday, for example, the Bebe gal is on duty as Kim Kardashian's wedding planner; on Thursday, she appears to have joined an all-girl motorcycle gang.

We don't want to even know what the Bebe working girl wear on the weekends.

Go to to browse the latest in office fashion... but for the sake of your job, don't take the recommendations too seriously.

Bebe Workwear