Because Of Nader, President Gore Is Not Finishing His Second Term

If the Academy Awards could give a lifetime
achievement award for vainglorious pomposity
and self-indulgence, the Oscar goes to Ralph

Had Ralph Nader not run in 2000, President
Al Gore would be finishing his second term.
The Iraq war would never have happened,
Abu Ghraib would have been nothing more
than a fiction in horror movies. There would
be a progressive majority on the Supreme
Court rather than Roberts and Alito.

Had Ralph Nader not run in 2000, President
Gore would have received the Nobel Peace Prize for historic global
warming policies
enacted during his presidency.

Now here comes Nader again, mid-life crisis
and all, a little boy in a man's body, desperately in need of gainful
employment, and pathetically in need of media attention, doing it again.

It is a shame that someone who had made
such enormous contributions promoting
honest conduct for corporations, major
protection for consumers and significant
support for the environment is reduced to
another pathetic vanity play that can only
help those he once battled on behalf of us

It wont matter, voters will not make the same
mistake again, but make no mistake, when
the award is presented for ego, vanity and
pomposity the Oscar goes to Ralph Nader.