Glenn Beck Responds To Newt Gingrich Calling His Criticism 'Baloney' (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck shot back at Newt Gingrich after the GOP candidate rebuffed Beck's criticism on Monday.

Beck has been a fierce critic of Gingrich, who he has repeatedly accused of being a big-government progressive. In December, Beck grilled the former Speaker of the House in a tough interview.

On Monday, Gingrich called Beck's criticism "baloney" on a Florida radio show. Speaking to 970 WFLA’s Jack and Ted, he said, "I don‘t know what Glenn Beck’s problem is, but he obviously has never read my writing. I’ve written three novels about George Washington, four novels that involve Abraham Lincoln."

He called Washington the "greatest" American president, followed by Lincoln. He said that he disagreed with FDR's New Deal, but praised his World War II record. He also instructed Beck to read Ronald Reagan's speech about FDR's achievements.

On his Monday radio show, Beck shot Gingrich's comments down point-by-point. After replaying audio of Gingrich praising FDR and Woodrow Wilson, he said that Gingrich was "lying" to voters, and he would be inviting Gingrich back to the show to explain himself. Listen to Beck and Gingrich in the clips below. (h/t The Blaze)





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