Beck Goes Nixon On His Fans While Placing His Family In Harm's Way

As Richard Nixon told voters prior to his election in 1968, he had the answer to getting out of Viet Nam triumphantly, but you first had to elect him to find out how, Glenn Beck will be announcing his revelation for how to take back America, but America would have to wait until Saturday to get hold of the secret.

You have to be there or watch it on FoxNews as the Liar Crier anchors special coverage of the 9/12 activities in Washington.

Beck announced that he knows how to wrestle this country from the hands of the socialist, fascist, marxist THEY and return it to the rightful hands of those who are willing to pray for Glenn and his family...and watch Fox this Saturday.

Some may think this is just a cowardly con to increase ratings, but it actually takes balls of steel. And those balls have to be humongous enough for his family to hang behind, if you listen to Beck. This man who needs so much security for he and his family, yesterday he told listeners that in three to six months he will be broke (with Beck pulling in $10 million from his radio contract and another $8 million on books, website, etc, this would mean that he will be spending at over $18 million a year for security - that, my friends, is solid gold protection).

So, the next time you get on Beck for his tearing up or lying through his teeth, remember he's willing to put his money where his teeth - and family - are.

Just as he's willing to hold onto the secret to rescue America from THEY. Of course this means that THEY still had two full days to rain havoc on America.

Signal the choke up. Cue the tears.

Saturday at 1. America... You better be there.

Steve Young is the author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful" ( and blogs at