Beck: Lawrence O'Donnell's 'Socialist' Claim Is Evidence Of Looming, Violent 'Event' (VIDEO)

Beck: Lawrence O'Donnell's 'Socialist' Claim Is Evidence Of Looming, Violent 'Event'

On his Monday show, Glenn Beck announced to his viewers that he thinks an "event" that will fundamentally alter the world is coming soon -- and he used MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell's recent statement that he is a "socialist" as evidence for that event.

Beck said that, in the near future, left-wing "agitators" would foment violence so that President Obama could step in, stop the violence and "save" the American people.

He played a clip of former Clinton pollster Mark Penn telling Chris Matthews that the moment President Clinton reconnected with the country after his midterm defeat was the Oklahoma City bombing. Beck interpreted this statement as an admission that people on the left wanted an Oklahoma City-type event to occur so that Obama could reap the political benefit from its aftermath.

But Beck also reserved time for O'Donnell, whom he cast as evidence that the "mask" of the extreme leftists at the heart of the media and government would come off in the run-up to the "event." He called O'Donnell the "new, hot loverboy" at MSNBC, and then played the clip of the host telling Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald, "I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left of you mere liberals."

"But didn't we just hear that there are no socialists?" Beck said. "Wait a minute -- starting to unmask themselves!"

"I don't pal around with Communists," he continued. "I don't know any radical revolutionaries, I don't know any socialists. But apparently at's not such a big deal."

Watch (O'Donnell segment starts at around 12:30):

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