Beck Mocks New York Times For Frances Fox Piven Article (AUDIO)

Glenn Beck responded to the media coverage of his years-long attacks on leftist professor Frances Fox Piven by mocking the New York Times' article about the issue and accusing Piven once again of making violent threats.

Beck has branded Piven, a 78-year-old professor who works at the City University Of New York, as an architect of the economic crisis and a threat to the stability of the American government, due to an article she wrote with her late husband over 40 years ago. Last week, the Center For Constitutional Rights sent a letter to Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, citing death threats that Piven has received and asking Ailes to rein Beck in. The letter, and the threats against Piven, were covered by many media outlets, including the Times and the Huffington Post.

Speaking on his radio show Monday, Beck and his co-hosts responded to the controversy by mocking the Times for quoting some anonymous commenters on Beck's website, The Blaze, who called for Piven to be killed. Beck quoted the article at length and then likened Piven to a "guy outside of my door...saying he's going to kill me":

"My so-called threat was saying she was making violent threats...this is someone calling 911 and saying, 'there's a guy who's outside of my door and he's saying he's going to kill me!' And then the guy who's outside of the door says, 'he is putting me in danger because you guys could come here and shoot me or hurt me at the door.'"