Beck: WikiLeaks Tied To Soros Conspiracies (VIDEO)

Beck: WikiLeaks Tied To Soros Conspiracies

Glenn Beck tied WikiLeaks, and its leader, Julian Assange, to George Soros -- whom Beck has repeatedly attacked as sitting at the center of a vast array of secretive organizations determined to fundamentally alter American society and the world -- during his weekly "At Your Beck And Call" segment on Wednesday's "O'Reilly Factor."

Beck has focused on WikiLeaks -- whose release of classified State Department cables has unearthed scores of revelations about the inner workings of American diplomacy -- during his television show this week, and so O'Reilly asked him what he thought of the scandal. He replied that he sees it as an attempt to create chaos around the world and destabilize governments. Then, he began comparing Assange to Soros.

Assange, Beck said, "loves to have just all-open society. Sound familiar?" O'Reilly picked up the reference to Soros' Open Society Institute.

"You think Assange knows George Soros?"

"I know Assange is being represented by the attorney who does the pro bono work for George Soros' Open Society Insitute," Beck said. He went on to say that the WikiLeaks scandals were part of an effort to create a "perfect storm" of chaos, and compared the organization to Al Qaeda. Both, he said, are trying to take down America by "a thousand cuts."

O'Reilly asked if Beck believed, "in your heart," that Soros was "in bed with Assange, knows what his operation is, had a hand in it."

"I don't think he had a hand in it, but I think he absolutely knows what the operation is," Beck said.


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