Woman Finds Tiny Frog In Salad, Adopts It As Pet

“I am just happy he survived and I didn’t eat him,” the woman said.

Call it a ribbeting tale of friendship.

A woman in Southern California was about to eat an organic salad last Wednesday when she found a piece of protein she didn’t expect: A tiny frog.

“I’m halfway through my salad and as I’m going to stab another bit, I see [the frog] peeking out from under the salad,” Garfinkel told InsideEdition.com. “I jumped back. I screamed, ‘There’s a frog in my salad!’”

The 37-year-old Garfinkel is a strict vegetarian with meat allergies. Not knowing if she had chomped on other amphibians by accident, she said ran to the bathroom where she threw up the other parts of the salad.

Meanwhile, her husband shouted from the dining room, “It’s still alive!” The Los Angeles Times reported.

After he rinsed the lemon-tahini vinaigrette off the tiny frog, her hubby started rubbing the frog’s belly and managed to rouse it from its stiff state.


After the amazing resurrection, the Garfinkels felt weird about dumping the frog somewhere.

Instead, they put the amphibian in an old aquarium in their home in Corona and named it “Lucky” ― a good name, considering the way the frog narrowly cheated death.

The incident changed Becky Garfinkel’s life in one way.

“I will tell you right now, I have no desire to ever eat a salad again. I’m petrified of the thought of a salad,” she told KABC TV.

Garfinkel reached out to Target, where she purchased the salad, and the company offered her a $5 gift card, she said.

The company also told her that Taylor Farms, the vendor that made the salad, is launching an investigation into the unappetizing incident, according to the Times.

Still, Garfinkel is happy to have a new family member.

“He survived so much,” she told the paper. “I am just happy he survived and I didn’t eat him.”

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