Become the Strongest Version of Yourself: An Interview with Strength Camp Founder Elliott Hulse

This interview is going down in the books as one of our all-time favorites. Period.

Elliott Hulse, for those of you who don't know, is a complete BEAST. And not just in the physical sense of the word! The guy is extremely deep and intelligent, not to mention the fact that he's totally inspiring. He currently runs a gym/business called Strength Camp in St. Petersburg, Florida that is focused on helping individuals become the strongest versions of themselves.

After spending an afternoon with Mr. Hulse, here are a few powerful life lessons he shared...

Elliott grew up in a suburb of New York City from Belizean descent. His uncle, who just so happened to be a master of martial arts, helped to cultivate Elliott's passion and interest in the world of strength training. As this passion began to foster inside him, Elliott found that strength training not only helped his physical body, but also developed his self-esteem and found it to be the most useful tool for personal development during the early periods of his life. It was also this passion that led him to earn a football scholarship to St. John's University in New York.

Throughout this personal journey that Elliott found himself on, he began to ask the fundamental question we all eventually arrive at: Who am I?

This question led him to study various philosophers such as Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell and Rollo May, poets such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, as well as various Eastern Spirituality practices and philosophies. These studies allowed him to come to the conclusion that all of us are so multi-dimensional that it is impossible to tell what's inside a person just from their outside appearance.

We all have a spirit and mind that gives us so much power if we can simply tap into it!

As Elliott describes, much of this power is manifested through the physical realm and can be activated through intense physical activity. This is one way we can discover who we truly are. Exercise is not simply meant to achieve "six-pack abs" or some other aesthetically pleasing goal, but it's meant to develop our intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength. To Elliott, the physical benefits seem to just be a by-product of the overwhelming mental and emotional benefits that come with truly taking care of our physical bodies.

Lastly, Elliott believes that we can develop strength by becoming courageous and activating our faith. Even though it is important to have goals and something we are striving to achieve externally, it is the devotion, discipline and decisiveness we develop during that journey of achievement that means so much more!

Once we can get ourselves to act and become unattached from having to know the outcome, life begins to truly open up to us.

According to Elliott, life becomes super boring if we are always in a state of having to know the answer! It's the mystery and uncertainty of life that brings variety and helps keep us in a grateful and present-moment focused mindset. This mindset is essential to becoming aware of the hidden joys in life that are right in front of our faces!

So many times, our thoughts are focused totally on the past or future, neither of which we can control, and this causes so much of the anxiety and depression that is in our world today. Elliott encourages us to develop an appreciation for the small things, because hidden inside of these things are the joys of the world!

Ultimately, Elliott encourages people to become the strongest version of themselves in every way shape and form. However, don't become so attached or identified to the role that we are playing. As businesspeople, often times we can get caught up in our work and the process of achievement that our minds get lost and we think that our work is truly who we are. This can be a dangerous thing if it is taken too far.

Elliott has found that pushing ourselves and maxing out in life is very important, but we must do it with the awareness that this isn't the real and true you. Instead, it is simply a reflection of you, and we must also take time for ourselves in quiet reflection and reconnect with who we are at the spirit level. It is in pursuing this balance that we truly become warriors of life, love and business, just like Elliott Hulse.

Want to learn even more from Elliott? Watch the full interview here.

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