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Become Your Greatest Love of All This Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day you don't have to feel sad, lonely, or desperate. Instead you can create love and bliss from within your heart, which will magnetize love in its many different forms in all the areas of your life.
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With Valentine's Day less than a week away, many of you may be longing and yearning for love and relationship, dreading being alone yet again on this day for Lovers! That was my life nearly 5 years ago, as I desperately wanted someone to share in my life. And although I had long ceased regarding Valentine's Day as a momentous holiday, it was still a painful reminder that I was alone and not in partnership. As I attempted to understand why a relationship had long eluded me, Spirit would lay on my heart that the most important relationship I needed to seek, understand, and nurture, was the relationship with myself.

The relationship we nurture with our selves will be the most important and the most meaningful relationship we will ever experience. It is the greatest love of all! Taking care of our selves first is paramount to having any successful relationship. By maintaining a healthy relationship with our self, we have the tools and capacity to cultivate, nurture, and strengthen relationship with others.

So, that's what I did. I searched my heart for deeper healing and understanding. I excavated the junk that surrounded my heart and focused on reaching my heart's core. I thought I had already completed a lot of work on myself, but the spiritual path is a never-ending journey of growth and evolution. It is similar to that of an onion, just as you peel back one layer, you discover there are deeper layers to remove. I did the hard work, and in the process, I uncovered many jewels within me. As I allowed God to enter my heart to heal its broken pieces, my heart healed, and love began to shine deeply from within me. Now, on this upcoming Valentine's Day, in spite of not being in romantic partnership, I am so happy, and my heart is beaming with a profound, internal love. Even though I still desire partnership I have learned to love myself unconditionally and to celebrate all aspects of my life! I am having a wonderful love affair with ME!

So, if you would like to experience falling more deeply in love with yourself, I hope you'll take a moment to read my following abridged guide to finding true love within your heart. This Valentine's Day you don't have to feel sad, lonely, or desperate. Instead you can create love and bliss from within your heart, which will magnetize love in its many different forms in all the areas of your life.

Becoming Your Greatest Love of All:

1. The first step to growing in relationship to self is to grow in Self-Awareness. Know who you are. Know what your needs are. What makes you happy? Sad? Angry? Frightened? Listen to and honor ALL of your feelings. That doesn't mean express or act out on each one, it means to acknowledge and speak love to them. Comfort your Inner-Child. Know what "stuff" belongs to you. How can someone else know you if you don't first know yourself? Get real and honest with yourself!

2. Love, approve, and accept all parts of your self. That goes for the "good" and the "bad." Release the need to judge and criticize yourself. If you want to create change in your life, loving and accepting yourself first, is the pathway to creating change. Be gentle, kind, respectful, and loving toward your self. Be as compassionate to yourself as you are to others.

3. Create Physical and Emotional Boundaries... yes, protect your energy. It is indeed sacred. Surround yourself with people that love, support and uplift you. Avoid people and situations that are negative, which stress and deplete you. Safeguard your mind by being mindful of what you allow in it. Release people and relationships that hurt you or are no longer serving you.

4. Keep positive thoughts. We choose our thoughts, and just as we can choose a negative thought we can also choose a positive one. Choose positive thinking and focus on the good in everything. Practice Gratitude for what you have in your life.

5. Meditation and Prayer are the elixirs, the miracle medicine to healing our hearts and expanding in Love. Meditation allows us to commune with God and our Divine Higher Self. Meditation creates mindfulness, which allows us to choose loving thoughts and behavior. It is the sacred time to speak love into our heart. Ignite your own inner power and center by going to this place often. There is where you'll find your strength, your creativity, your healing, and your loving power. Create a sacred ritual using candles, incense, essential oils, or music while entering prayer and meditation. It is a sacred time when we petition to God and listen to our heart, so we may honor it by implementing a special ritual. In your prayers, remember to ask and then listen to your Higher Self for healing of your heart and guidance to Love and miracles.

6. Be your own Best Friend. Nurture and care about your own needs first. Give your mind, body, and soul more of what it loves. Nourish it with good food and exercise. Practice self-care by getting plenty of rest, relaxation, and sleep. Become more organized by using time-management and release Procrastination. Clear out any clutter. Engage in activities that bring you joy, and make you smile and feel good about yourself and others. Allow your inner-child to come out and play everyday.

7. Open Your Heart To All Kinds Of Love -- Although you may desire romantic Love in your life, remain open to receiving all forms of love. Regardless of where and from whom it comes, Love is Love. Often times we have our minds set on receiving only one form of love, so we neglect or dismiss other people or circumstances that inspire to love us. I made it up in my mind a while ago to receive Love wherever it comes. That means not closing off our hearts because we desire Love from only one particular person. Receive Love wherever it comes and allow that Love to heal, nurture, and grow you to falling in deeper love with yourself. You deserve Love, so, invite and welcome it limitlessly into your life.

This Valentine's Day, whether you're in romantic partnership or not, seek Love from within. Grow your own heart with Love and then witness Love blossoming in all of your relationships. The first relationship we cultivate starts with Self. Then, and only then, can we truly Love and receive Love from others. Start with loving you this Valentine's Day, to strengthen your existing relationship or to prepare you for a loving relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Be Love,