The Most Challenging Part Of Becoming A Minimalist Is Changing Your Identity (VIDEO)

After leaving his job in the corporate world, Ryan Nicodemus decided to embrace a life of minimalism. But it took some effort to detach from the lifestyle he had been caught up in for so long.

"It wasn't really the stuff that was hard to get rid of. What really was difficult for me was my identity," Nicodemus said. "I had wrapped myself up in this corporation, in this high-profile job making lots of money, and I identified with that title and with that lifestyle, so that was probably the hardest thing for me to let go of."

Nicodemus has since co-founded The Minimalists, a blog about "living a meaningful life with less stuff." And while there are a few things he misses, like having a shiny new car, he said the life he lives now is "way worth it."

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