Becoming Alive

I am declaring a new phase, a coming out, a rebirth if you may!


It began October 6, 2015 after a 21 day cleansing. A cleansing of the soul, the mind, the energy around me! The cleansing neglected the physical body for me which I am such a fan of doing all the time.

After all if I really want change in my life, it's not about geography or the material side of life. It's not about people, my friends, family or colleagues! It's the unseen, the unrevealed part of me. The part of myself I hide because I am scared, I doubt, or am uncertain, clueless to the outcome! I am in new territory, I feel uncomfortable, defensive, and embarrassed because I know what to do! Yet, I have not done it! And then there is the part of me that doesn't know what needs to change that part of me that can't see the negativity or what doesn't work.

So I am acknowledging team, god or light to be the vehicle of my change. I certainly haven't been able to deliver. In this material world we call life, I see that I am an entertainer because my team gives me entertainer. It is the encouragement of laughter, applause and appreciation that makes me grow and become light. I realize it does not come from me. It's the collaboration or unity of people as team or light that gives me who I am!
In my inner sanctum it is the unseen, the spirit, the god or light that I am in union with to continue to reveal the concealed and stop the tunnel vision and the delusions, so I can see things as they really are.

My reinvention is concealed now and the change that I want will appear!

Imagine when we all can manifest this in our lives, what a wonderful world it could be!