Becoming Violet Chachki


I first met Violet Chachki in 2012 when she was an itsy-bitsy baby queen coming up in the Atlanta drag scene. She was so young back then, she couldn't even be served alcohol where she was performing! Watching Violet grow as a queen, artist, and individual over the years has been a delight; she's refined her performance and beauty into a spectacular persona. I've met many creative professionals in my career; however, I have never met somebody so dedicated to their art form as Violet Chachki. It's truly an inspiration to see someone so young embrace and pursue their creative skills--especially if it's drag. Violet continuously hones and improves her craft; some days she's taking aerial silk lessons, she's always looking at the latest fashions, and her tiny waist required months of intense training. Every look and every number is polished and professional, and it's because Violet takes drag seriously as a creative career.

Consider this my endorsement for Violet Chachki to snatch the crown on Rupaul's Drag Race next week. She deserves to win because of the passion she has for drag, as well as her willingness to put in the hard work to succeed. If you haven't already gone to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhiteHouse.Gov and proclaimed your devotion to #TeamViolet ... do so now! If she wins, she'll finally afford to eat!

As part of my endorsement for Violet, I would like to share with you a photo story called "Becoming Violet Chachki."

Baseline: Boyface Violet (AKA Jason). She wears primer all the time, even if she's not in drag. This evens out the skin tone and creates a more matte finish.


Step 1: Apply Gluestick to eyebrows. See the purple marks on her eyebrows? That's Elmer's "Goes On Purple, Dries Clear" gluestick. Just like the kind you used in 3rd grade! This creates a more even surface to paint on her face.


Step 2: Creme Foundation and contour. Paint in the shadows for a narrow nose and high cheek bones.


Step 3: Highlights on nose and cheeks. Violet tells me she uses a creme first then a matte powder to seal the highlights.


Step 4: Blend highlight and contour. Using a delicate hand, brush small circular lines of highlight towards your contour.


Step 5: Powder eyebrows to get rid of excess moisture.


Step 6: Cover eyebrows with foundation.


Step 7: Paint on eyebrows. In this shoot, Violet added red to her eyebrow palette to match the wig she was wearing.


Step 8: Upper eye shadow and eyeliner.


Step 9: Bottom lid shadow plus glitter.


Step 10: Big, fluttery eyelashes get glued on carefully. Now she's starting to look like Violet!


Step 11: Use a lipliner pencil to define the edges and shape of the lip. Here she goes for a heart-shaped lip.


Step 12: Color in the lips. Add a beauty mark.


Step 13: Add a wig and "Tada!" we've got Violet Chachki!

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